Noblesville History

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Old Jail & Sheriff's Residence Aquired by Hamilton Co. Historical Society

The Old Jail & Sheriff's Residence on the Noblesville Square is acquired by the Hamilton County Historical Society.

Wild Opera House Destroyed

The Wild Opera House in Noblesville was torn down by the Noblesville Parking Commission.

Tucker Automobile Dealership Opens

Preston Tucker of the Tucker Automobile Corporation lived in Noblesville in the 1930's.

Noblesville Library starts Bookmobile

Noblesville Library starts Bookmobile service

Hydroelectric Dam Project Completed

The Hydroelectric Dam Project North of Noblesville was completed.

Noblesville Electric Light & Power Established

Noblesville Electric Light & Power was incorporated.

Wild Opera House Opened

The Wild Opera House opened in downtown Noblesville.

Marmon Family Mill

The Marmon Family Mill in Noblesville was .....

Noblesville Water Works Founded

The City of Noblesville Water Works was organized.

Natural Gas Boom

The discovery of Natural Gas below Noblesville brought about a period of economic growth. Many Victorian homes, as well as the vast majority of the Downtown Commercial District, were built during this time of prosperity. Noblesville's first natural gas well near 11th and Pleasant Streets.

Telephone arrives in Noblesville

Central Union Telephone procures a franchise to operate a local telephone plant.

Frederick Douglass visits Noblesville

Frederick Douglass visited Noblesville and was greeted as a hero with a huge celebration.

Hamilton County Courthouse Completed

Courthouse constructed on the public square in Noblesville.The centerpiece of downtown Noblesville is the Courthouse Square, the location of the Hamilton County Courthouse. The Hamilton County Courthouse is a fabulous example of Second Empire style architecture and features mansard roof.

Sheriff's Residence & Jail Built

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Residence and Jail was built to house county inmates. The Sheriff's Residence is a fabulous example of Second Empire style architecture and features a mansard roof.

Citizen's Bank of Noblesville founded

The Citizen's Bank of Noblesville was the first bank established in Hamilton County.

Noblesville's first fire department is founded.

Noblesville Hook & Ladder Company is founded.

First Hamilton County Fair held in Noblesville

The first Hamilton County Fair took place on the bank of the White River North of Downtown Noblesville.

First Library Opens in Noblesville

The First Library of record opens in Noblesville.

Peru-Indianapolis Railroad Completed to Noblesville

The Peru-Indianapolis Railroad is completed and open Railroad traffic to Noblesville. The arrival of the railroad strengthened the town economically and resulted in a dramatic growth in the population.

Noblesville files articles of Incorporation

Noblesville incorporated and known by the name of the Corporation of Noblesville.

Cholera Outbreak

Cholera outbreak takes many lives in Noblesville.

Noblesville Present Day Boundries Established

The present boundries of Noblesville were prescribed by the Commissioner's of Hamilton County.

First Church in Noblesville founded

Baptist Church opens in Noblesville Township

Noblesville Post Office Established

The Noblesville Post Office was established.

Hamilton County & Noblesville Organized

William Conner and Josiah Polk submitted a plat of Noblesville in 1823, at the same time designating the town as the county seat. Noblesville was named for Lavinia Noble of Indianapolis, to whom Polk was engaged at the time.

Great Squirrel Stampede

More than 100,000 migratory squirrels sweeping through the area—destroying crops and cornfields.

Territory purchased that would become Hamilton County

Land purchased by the government from Indians that would become Hamilton County.

Tecumseh arrives in territory

Techumseh passes through the area traveling from Anderson to Tippecanoe.

William Connor arrives in territory

William Connor arrived in the Indian territory and would marry a Delaware Indian and live in the first log cabin in the area.

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