Signal Controller Work Downtown Addressing Traffic Timing Issues

The City of Noblesville is working on a joint project with the Indiana Department of Transportation to improve traffic signals and equipment on the Downtown Square. The Indiana 32 (Conner Street) portion is an INDOT project from Eighth Street to 16th Street. The city is overseeing the Logan Street improvement from 10th Street west to Lakeview Drive.

We realize that work in this area is an inconvenience, but the overall goal of the project is to ultimately improve equipment and timing. Equipment failing over time has caused timing issues and this project will correct them; however, timing may not be fully synchronized or optimal for a few weeks. We appreciate your patience as we work through these issues. The city will do its best to keep timings as efficient as possible during the project.

In conjunction with the traffic signal controllers’ project, upgrades also are being done for pedestrian signals. Pedestrian signals will be equipped with push buttons and count-down signal heads. While some of these pedestrian signals have been placed, they are not yet connected to the network and working.

Timing of the entire network is expected to be completed by early October.